13 - Sweet Freedom

Finally free from torture!

     Porcelain's school life was over. No more harsh lights that caused migraines, no more having to sit inside while everyone went out for class on a nice day, and no more dealing with people that just didn't understand. Little did she realize the adult world would be even less forgiving. Doctors would continue to try diagnosing her with problems she didn't have, ignoring the obvious signs of EPP. People would always assume she was making excuses for not getting in sun. She just didn't understand how so many people could be so ignorant to another's disability, and be okay with that!

     Walking down that aisle felt like the biggest accomplishment she'd ever achieved. Graduating with honors and an associates of history degree, thanks to AP classes offered at her school through the local college. She used this for self-employment, as well as being a self-taught artist. Living at home helped, because she didn't have to worry about rent since her parents owned their home.

     Working from home was a reprieve from dealing with the sun, but it put a cramp in her social life. Thankfully she had some true friends she kept in touch with after high school. She still had parties every holiday, beginning of every season and special occasions. When you have issues that hinder you from going out whenever you want, it's important to keep up those social ties. It goes both ways though, make sure you're not the only one keeping those friendships going!

Porcelain honestly didn't think she'd make it this far.

     One weekend, when Porcelain was about 20, she had went to visit a friend, let's call her Bonnie, in the city for the weekend. She had gotten a little cocky and decided on that summer morning, as long as she stayed in the shade, they could totally go for a walk. Bonnie was a little skeptical of this, but agreed to it. After all, Porcelain would know her limits better than anyone. 3 city blocks later, she began to feel ill, even though she was sticking to the shadows of the trees. The sun began to come out in full force and Porcelain was swaying. She looked at Bonnie and told her to call 911. Passing out, she hit the ground, and woke up in the emergency room.

     Long story short, never underestimate the sun. Trees are not adequate shade. It is deceptive; the sunlight can come right through all those leaves. Sunblock and sunscreen don't really help those with porphyria. It can give a small window for going from house-to-car-to-work/etc, but other than that, it won't help much. My favorites include Aveeno Baby 50+ Sunblock. It isn't greasy, and will give you time to get where you need to go!

Until next week! I hope you've enjoyed this double feature!

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