12 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Party time!

     It was always 'grand central station' at Porcelain's house. She and her sister had their friends over all the time! Their family had barbeques and parties for every holiday, but their favorites were the Halloween parties. Italian families tended to celebrate all of life's moments as well. Porcelain even had a summer Luau for her birthday every year.

     She felt like the summer nights belonged to her. Bonfires happened every weekend of summer. She mastered billiards at her local pool hall. She would also go with her friends to the movies and the mall in the city, cruise the 'strip' in town blaring music and waving to the other teens doing the same. That was all the rage back then!

     When Porcelain turned 16, she met her best friend. This girl would stick with her through thick and thin as they grew older. They were like sisters and inseparable! We'll call her Daedra. They shared so many secrets and made many memories together! When Daedra had a bad breakup, Porcelain and the rest of their friends would sing a song meaning it was time to let go. They would have a burn barrel ready to get rid of all the bad memories. When friends stick together during hard times, that's when you knew they were the best friends.

Porcelain wasn't allowed to date until she graduated high school.

     Right after high school was over, a certain boy was interested in Porcelain. It was the first real interest that she could return if she wanted to. The boy had no idea what he was getting into. It could be hard to deal with someone who has an issue they can't relate to. He was as Southern-bred as they came and tried his best to plan dates around the sun problem. She had the best times with him, walking in the woods on cold mornings, cruising on the 'strip' on Saturday nights after they went to watch a movie or out to eat at a restaurant she could go to. It seemed everything was perfect.

     All too late, the realization came that it was puppy love. It was a wonderful journey, but they were too young and things didn't work out. She started to notice he became very tired after being around her. She was so relaxed around him that she forgot to be mindful of not draining him. It was mutual break up. He just couldn't handle her. It was a lesson which aided her greatly in all her future relationships.

     Her best friend was right there after they broke up. They had a sleepover with Porcelain's sister and watched horror movies all night, played music and sang that song while burning momentos she was alright with losing. She had to let go of him. This was how they helped her do it. Daedra is still Porcelain's best friend today. In the future, she took relationships a little more seriously. It was for the best! She will definitely never forget that summer! It taught her so much about friendship, love, and romance.

After all, girls just wanna have fun!

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