7 - Thinking Too Loud

Some people just think too dang loud.

     Porcelain knew she was different aside from her genetic condition. Sometimes, she just 'knew' things, like what she was getting for her birthday or why someone was sad. Learning early on, she was very good at keeping her secret, except from her family of course. Porcelain grew up during the "Satanic Panic" of the 1980's. If she were to tell someone, they likely would have freaked out, called her mother, and who knows what else. That's just how it was.

     What was the "Satanic Panic" you ask? It started in the 1970's and escalated into the 80's. Fear of the 'dark arts' and the occult exploded into the mainstream. Being afraid of your neighbors became the norm. There were many allegations against daycares, occult practitioners, interrogations by corrupt therapists and prosecutors, supposed satanic rituals and cult-like animal slaughters happened... The accusations were endless. Remember those little cartoon booklets people would hand out on Halloween, warning about the dangers of witchcraft, the devil, and damnation of your soul? Yep. Those pamphlets were everywhere.

Guess who grew up in a Pagan family? That's right. Porcelain.

     She had enough on her plate with EPP. Seeing other kids taken from parents who were bold enough to defend their beliefs and her own parents reminding her "those who need not know, need not find out", Porcelain knew she was right not to speak about her gifts. When you were different, that's just how it was. Though Paganism in the United States was finally recognized as a religion in 1986, thanks to the Church of Wicca, it was hardly noticed with the Satanic Panic going on.

     As I mentioned, Porcelain had some gifts. She inherited empathic and other abilities from her mother. Empathic abilities include: Feeling others emotions, people thinking too loud (when a person thinks too loud, they put out very strong emotions), hypersensitive to environments, human lie detector (it's very hard to lie to an empath), refusing any hugs or handshakes unless they are ready for it (touching someone can let them feel their emotions). Empaths are amazing healers, but there's a huge downside. All those emotions can weigh them down and cause depression. They must have an outlet where they can enjoy time to themselves. Empaths can appear to be introverted, because they are not fond of negative people. Large crowds can become overwhelming after a while as well.

     I've got a funny story for you! One day in 3rd grade, Porcelain was sitting in her classroom, and a boy was making teasing remarks to his friends by the back wall. He was speaking low, but she could hear him as if he were next to her. She sighed to herself and went about her work, being used to people who didn't understand sun allergies. This boy decided to walk up behind her, but she already knew what he was going to do. 'He thinks too loud!' she thought to herself. He started to open his mouth and she growled low. Porcelain had enough... The boy's eyes got wide and he all but ran back to his friends. He couldn't get away fast enough! After that day, he never went near her again. Good riddance!
I hope you enjoyed this post! I will be talking about true friends in the next one.

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