2 - An Interesting Toddler

Why hello there. Where were we? Ah yes.

     Porcelain and her large family lived in a big farmhouse on a small patch of land, outside the city. They insisted living off the land was better for the environment, so they grew a gorgeous garden in their backyard. It contained anywhere from green beans to corn stalks, and herbs grew in droves like flowers along side the house.

     Her mother was also adept at making homemade baby food. She didn't like store-bought foods with artificial additives and preservatives. She preferred to use natural ingredients and mash it up herself. She would cook meat and put it through the processor. Porcelain was breastfed, so the lactose intolerance didn't show up until it was time to wean her off breast milk. The reaction was quick. See, lactose intolerance is something that is common among those with EPP. Although the doctors pronounced she had colic, Porcelain's mother knew better. She quickly switched from cows milk to soy fortified with vitamin D. And where do we normally get vitamin D? Yep, from the sun.

     The doctor also noticed Porcelain suffered from anemia, regardless of her diet. He proclaimed she had an iron deficiency and gave her mother an iron supplement. Porcelain began developing headaches, which made her quite the cranky toddler. After taking her off the iron supplements and the headaches stopped. Her mother decided to do some research and found Floradix+herbs. It's a heme-iron supplement. She gave this to Porcelain once a week and her anemia improved quite a bit.

We are going to fast forward!

     Three years later, her mother finally had another baby after miscarrying a year and a half after Porcelain was born. On New Year's Eve a second beautiful strawberry blond, light-purple eyed baby girl arrived premature but healthy nonetheless. It was a hard, laborious journey. There were no issues at the hospital; no problems with the lights. Her light-purple eyes changed to a beautiful deep blue later on. Katerina did not inherit the condition of her family.

     The family was relieved! Katerina stayed at the hospital for two weeks for observation, being premature, before she was brought home. She would still need the same sustenance as her sister, but did not have the symptoms of erythropoietic protoporphyria. Porcelain and Katerina bonded quickly and the two became the best of friends, forming a bond of sisterhood. The two would find themselves in all kinds of trouble, share secrets, fights, tears when things went terribly wrong, and giggles over happy times.

     Have I got a story for you! Food for thought? Maybe! When Porcelain was five years old, and Katerina two, there was a bit of a fight. Katerina had decided Porcelain wasn't paying attention to her and bit her. Full on teeth, bit her. Porcelain bit Katerina back! Both girls screaming "MOM!" had their mother come running. Heavy eye-rolling ensued. Their mother was very angry with them! She constantly had to tell them both "we do NOT bite!" and exclaimed she felt like she was raising animals. Their grandmother would just giggle and remind their mother of how funny it was when her and her siblings did the same thing when they were young.

Nothing like raising bite-sized vampires! Till next time my dears!

Here's a link for your viewing pleasure about how and when you can start giving your baby meat to eat:

When it's okay to give babies vitamin supplements:


  1. Ah yes, the time one was just a young little one. Strange times, I got some stories too.

    1. Right? I bet our parents also have some interesting stories about us all! Hehe.


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