Our Vaccine Journey, Part 1

Where do I begin? Well, this is likely going to be a 2 or 3 part series of posts. I have a lot of information and thoughts I'd like to convey. Team Moderna, baby!       March is here! We are finally eligible to get a vaccine. Given our genetic blood disorder, we thought we’d be one of the first to get it... But hey, that's the public health system for you, right? No matter; we can finally get this show on the road! It was a nerve racking drive to the pharmacy to receive our vaccine, because of the possible transmission of the virus before we even get vaccinated.       We would rather have gone to our doctor's office, but they were all left out of the equation. We had to make our own appointment at a pharmacy. Making this trip after being at home for a whole year was stressful; constantly worrying we might catch this crap, end up in the hospital or worse, die.       After we received our first vaccine, we sat in the waiting room for half an hour, just in case a reaction occu

Surviving A Pandemic

This is going to be an emotional post. You have been warned.       It began in the spring of 2020. March to be exact. I had finally found a job that I could possibly work, even if only 4 hours; twice a week. I know, I was being stubborn. The virus didn't seem to be a problem in the U.S... yet. Then it happened. We had the first case of the whole country diagnosed in the Seattle area. My doctor said that if it worsened, I may have to stop working until the coast was clear.        It was like watching a movie come to life. Our worst nightmares from film recreated in front of our eyes. The pandemic had begun to spread everywhere. As soon as the first case hit our county, I was instructed not to go back to work, and my daughter and I were sheltering-in-place until my doctor would let me off medical leave.        Little did I know, that meant a year later, my daughter and I would still be sheltering-in-place. That's right. We've been stuck inside our house - except for taking tr

How to survive festivals, faires and Sabbats

 How to survive festivals, faires and Sabbats    Where to start? First off, apologies for being so quiet for so long! This pandemic had gotten me down to the point where I just couldn’t get inspired to write. Being an extrovert, it’s been a VERY hard year for me.         When deciding to go to festivals or faires, or even a sabbat with a Pagan group, it’s hard to plan spur-of-the-moment when you’re allergic to the sun or heat. However, given a week or so, it is possible to enjoy all of these events and gatherings by taking a few precautions. 1. Make sure to ask about the layout. How much shade will there be? Are there any trees? Are there pagodas or some kind of covered bench area, and if not, if there is an indoor area you can go? 2. Bring your sun cover-up. Sunblock is great to wear under your clothing, but it doesn’t always work if you have porphyria. The best thing to wear is UV sunblock clothing. This also includes UV blocker face coverings. I know, masks are a big thing right n

Anyone want a promo code? Wink!

Hey guys! I have great news! Teespring gave me a promo code for my subscribers, for $5 off your total order! Here it is: Apply S1UTF0I3A8 at checkout!      My Porcelain Vampire Speaks mug came in! It's great quality too! The color goes all the way around, and the graphic isn't blurred or smudged or even pixelated at all! The lighting doesn't do the cobalt blue color justice. I'm very pleased with this. I ordered it on August 13, and it came in just 7 days later on the 20th! 

Intermission: I have a merch shop finally!

 Hello there! I finally have a merch shop up. I did some shopping around for the best website and prices. Teespring seems to have much better pricing (especially with the profit margin between making money and affordable pricing). Enjoy! I've even got a coffee cup designed *wink*